Growing up I knew time was precious even though I wanted it to go faster. But getting older I have realized how precious moments really are and that they are truly timeless especially with physical reminders.
Hey y’all, my name is Hunter Prewitt and I was born Stanford, Ky but raised in Lancaster, Ky for majority of my life (if you don’t know that’s fine,it is a small town south of Lexington). Other than being a photographer, I am a father to a precious little girl who is my world. A lil back story though, I was raised in a Christian home and was the kid always wanting to be in front of the camera when it was out, especially at the family gatherings. Later on in life I got into music and played bass in my home church, was part of a band for a little bit (even though we didn’t get very far unfortunately). Back in 2011 I decided to pick up a camera back to just shoot around on vacation or just walking around Lexington when I was going to school at BCTC. Around 2014 I decided to get a little more serious and took the chance of taking my camera in to a show at the Expo 5 in Louisville, Ky, just to see how it went, did not get to have a photo pass (but just wanted to test the water) but that is what got me started especially in music photography. Since then, improving my skills and learning techniques and getting all the chances possible I started to build my profile. After being able to build it I have had the honor of shooting some bigger bands by being a part of the opening acts. So here I am now hoping to make this more than a hobby and doing what I love when I can. Also hoping one day my daughter will join me in the journey.
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